In 2005, the Ghana Tourism Authorithy in conjunction with Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts undertook the first of a yearly series of festivities on the Odwen Anoma Mountain dubbed "THE OKWAHU PARAGLIDING FESTIVAL".

The geographical area of the Kwahu (Okwahu) is peculiarly situated on a high range of mountainous range in the Eastern Region of Ghana. The exact spot where the festival occurs is on a mountain town called ATIBIE in the Kwahu west District of the Eatern Region.

Visitors would be fascinated about the awesome heritage of the land as well as its people.

In Ghanaian history, they are a people who until recently are mainly merchants and traders and their presence is much felt in almost all the major town and cities where trade activities are very visible.

One gets an impressive sense of happiness engaging in this very activity of paragliding. First, is the climbing of a part of the steep side of the mountain, on a stretch of an untarred road in this part of Atibie. Then having gone through clearance at a security checkpoint, one enters the grounds.

The overlaying towns and city of Nkawkaw where you land after gliding is seen from this part of the mountain and it's a spectacle to be hold.

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