Recruitment Services

Recruitment Services

We have collaborated with both international and local companies to offer recruitment services across the board from entry to management level, locally and abroad for people from all walks of life.

We have a dedicated staff who provide professional advice to our clients/job seekers.

We believe in offering professional recruitment consulting services that offer individuals and business entities the platform to integrate unique talent into workplaces.

We also partner with businesses to seek talent and assist with staff management, making sure that recruits make the needed impact they have been engaged for.  We have been licensed by the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relation of Ghana with License No.PEA/0001141.

Our approach to recruitment is an integrated one in the form of

  • Specialized services
  • contracts, Permanent and Temporary recruitment.

Covering the underlying: Banking, Engineering, Marketing Job, Oil and Gas, Finance, Masons, Farm work, Drivers, Factory Hand, Hotel Jobs, Hospital Work, Storekeepers, Cleaners, Fruit Picking, Packaging, Security Job and General Labourers

REQUIREMENTS: The age limit is 18 years and above. The client should be healthy.