Students Exchange Programes

Students Exchange Programes

Fadiwaa Travel and Tours in collaboration with the governmental institution, educational institution, NGO's and religious organization have taken the responsibility to organize customized and mouthwatering program such as Cultural Exchange Work Experience Placement (unpaid) and Family Hosting Program.

We lead to arrange the following services such as accommodation, transportation and other special programs for students and groups and will integrate tourist to live and stay in the urban and rural areas

The program is provided for a student based on your experience qualification and interest such as Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Journalists, Marketing and more. The Program is aimed at young students between the ages of 18 and above. The duration of the program varies from 2 weeks to 24 weeks.

Programs :



Cultural Exchange

Students will gain the experience of studying African drumming and dancing in the various educational institution and will also visit other places of interests and universities to learn African Culture and linkup with other students to share ideas. Students will also have the change to familiarize themselves with Ghanaian Cultures like Naming Ceremonies, Durbar and Festivals, and to assist at the end of the program.


Work Experience Placement (UNPAID)

This program is scheduled for students who will want to expericence on the job training and its organized with many industries in Ghana. We provide the platform for students to visit many industries and other organization, institution to practice the Ghanaian work culture and values. Students are also made to have enlightenment of a Day Tour for leisure.


Family Hosting

Fadiwaa Travel and Tours have instituted a program for our dear tourist to live and stay with families either in the urban areas or in the rural areas to integrate and learn from each other. The way the people in these areas live pertaining to their food and their general activities.