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Study & Work Abroad

Fadiwaa Travel and Tours in collaboration with other International Universities and High School is recruiting students from Ghana who want to attend / continue their University / High school education in Abroad.

These are the following courses / Programme offer by some of the International Universities / High schools

  • MBA
  • Tourism and Hotel Management
  • Vocational courses
  • Business and Management
  • Arts and Humanity
  • Medical and Related subjects etc
  • Short Term study Programme
  • Senior High School Programme
  • Information Technology
  • Diploma of Hairdressing and salon management
  • Summer English Language Camp (Summer Programme)

Work Internship / Work Experience Placement
We also assist students to gain some Work Internship / Work Experience Placement during and after school.
Length of Program: 50/50 Concept

According to Canadian Immigration, students must study a minimum of 50% of their time in class and can work as an intern the 50%. The minimum time to participate in the Work Internship / Work Experience programs is as follows:

  • Work Internship (Unpaid): 8 weeks (4 weeks of study followed by 4 weeks of work)
  • Work Experience (Paid): 24 weeks (12 weeks of study followed by 12 weeks of work)

Work Internship Placements (Unpaid)
Unpaid internships are for students interested in improving their English while in a Canadian company. Students are placed with established corporations in one of their top 3 fields of choice. During the internship placement students are closely monitored by the Work Internship Coordinator, with weekly check  ups and assignments.

At the end of their internship, the student will complete a 7 page evaluation on their placement. Upon completion of the program and all requirements, successful students will receive a Certificate of Completion and reference letter from their host company
Work Experience Placements (Paid)
Paid work placements are mainly in the hospitality and retail industries. Students may work between 20 - 40 hours per week. The minimum hourly wage in Ontario is currently $8.75 per hour, and $7.60 per hour + tips for food or liquor service. These rates will increase to $9.50 and $8.25 respectively. Typical Work Experience Jobs include:

  • Waiter / Waitress
  • Cleaner in hotel or office building
  • Store clerk
  • coffee shop server
  • grocery store checkout
  • table clearing / dishwashers in restaurant

Programs Requirements
Students must be 18 years of age or older to participate in both programs.
For further information, contact us.