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Day 1 - Welcome And Orientation Ceremony
Arrive in Accra, Ghana. You will be met on arrival by our well trained tour guide and representatives transfer form airport to hotel for orientation and a traditional Ghanaian welcome ceremony and traditional drumming and dance ( for day time arrivals only).Dinner and overnight in the hotel.

Day 2 Wli Waterfalls & Friendly Monkeys And Cultural Village.
The tour begins today. After breakfast at your hotel, depart and enjoy a drive through the lush greenery environment to the Agomatsa Forest Reserve, to visit the Wli waterfalls. This falls is the biggest and the most fascinating in the country. The water of this fall flows from the atakora range which is right on the boarder line with Togo. The water flows from the Republic of Togo to Ghana
Another amazing thing you will encounter is that, you will cross the River Nubui on wooden bridges eleven (11) times to the Wli Falls.
After lunch it is worth visiting the Tafi Atome friendly Monkey Sanctuary and Cultural Village. This village is one of Ghana’s most famous examples of traditional African conservation which is located in the beautiful village of Tafi Tome. The village is surrounded by indigenous tropical rainforest with very high flora conservation within which can be found the endangered, friendly, playful and rather sacred True Mona Monkeys.
The local people believe that these monkeys are messengers to the gods and their protectors and as such the chief and people of this area have been protecting them for the past 200 years. Come along as you make new friends out there. Dinner and overnight at a hotel in Ho.

Day 3 Mountain Afadjato & Tagbor Falls
Continue the Volta Eco Adventure tours after breakfast. Depart the hotel for the highest peak in Ghana (MOUNT AFADJATO), if you are a real nature lover then come with us to climb the highest peak in Ghana. After descending from the peak, enjoy a walk through a secondary rain forest and relax in a cool and invigorating environment at the base of the Tagbo Falls. After, we drive back to the hotel. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 4 Shai Resource Reserve
Depart from the hotel after breakfast and enjoy your ride to Accra the over a century city of our time. Meanwhile you stop over at the Shai Resource Reserve to have a close view of wild life in their true habitat. The Reserve is the habitat for Monkeys, Antelopes, varieties of Birds and Butterflies and other wild lives. After lunch we go to the beach to relax on the large and extensive continental shelve of the Atlantic coast. Dinner and overnight at hotel in Accra.

Day 5 Volta Lake Cruise
Depart Accra after breakfast and enjoy a drive through Anloga (the traditional home of the great Anlo Ewes who have about 32 states), to the historical town of Keta. Visit the site of the ruins of the Danish Fort Prinzenstien, which was constructed in 1784 and used as a trading post and later as a slave cells. Visit opinion leaders and village leaders of the area to learn more about why the local people have vowed to stay on their land although the sea is attacking it.
We go for lunch at Sogakope. After lunch, enjoy a boat ride on the Volta River to the confluence where the Volta River meets the Atlantic Ocean. Return to the hotel for dinner and overnight.

Day 6 Cape Coast & Elmina Castles
Today the tour takes us back to memory lane. After breakfast, join us as we travel back to the 18th century to discover some of the relics of the slave trade era. Come along as we visit the Cape Coast and Elmina Castles. the group depart for a tour of the famous Cape Coast and Elmina Castles and Slave Dungeons of Ghana which were built in1653by the Swedes and 1482 by the Portuguese respectively. The Elmina Castle also know as St. Georges Castle which was taken over by the British houses the West African Historical Museum and it’s the earliest biggest known structure in West Africa. Come along you will be delight to be taken through what happened during the slave trade and experience how our forefathers felt and how they were treated. Dinner and overnight in a hotel at Elmina.

Day 7 Kakum National Parks
After breakfast we depart to the Kakum National back. Intact we will get closer to nature as we visit this Tropical Rain Forest. This 357km² Park is one of the West African surviving rain forests the group will be privileged to take nature walk to discover much of Ghana’s indigenous flora and fauna which may include the extraordinary Bongo and Forest Elephant and Rare Butterflies Antelopes, Monkeys and hundreds of birds . They can also chose to talk an adventure walk of the tree-top canopy walkway hanging 100 feet above the forest ground , the only of it kind in Africa. Dinner and overnight the hotel in Accra.

Day 8 Accra City Tour
After breakfast, go for a Accra City Tour to have a feel of the economic heart beat of Ghana. Depart for a sightseeing tour of Accra, capital of Ghana. We drive through the administrative and economic district of the city to experience the flavor of this 126-years old city, which features a blend of colonial and Modern architecture. Places of interest include;
The Centre or National Culture. The center’s arts bazaar and traditional textile market presents an array of indigenous art works which comprises of wood works, brass works, textiles, pottery and others one can think of and other art works from neighboring countries. It will serve as an ideal place for the group to purchase some of these as souvenirs for them selves and love ones back home.
The W.E.B Dubois Centre for Pan African Culture, we will be delighted to see the grave of W.E.B Dubois and his wife. He is an African-American scholar and one of the true sons of Africa who traced his ancestral home to Ghana. The library has a gallery of manuscripts; we will also see some of his numerous literature works
Independence/Black Star Square and Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park which holds the mortal remains of Ghana’s fist president who spearheaded the fight for Ghana’s independence and the liberation of Africa as a whole and very instrumental in the formation of the Organization of African Unity (O.A.U) now African Union (A.U) and the Teshi Coffin Market. This is a place where artisans calve and build custom made coffins some in the shape of cocoa pod, coca cola bottle, fish, dear, lizards and what ever you can think off. Dinner and overnight in a hotel in Accra

Day 9 Day At Leisure / Hedenyuie – Farewell
Airport check in after breakfast and the rest of the day at leisure for purchasing of gifts and souvenirs for your self and love ones back home.

Day 10 Departures
Today we say goodbye to Ghana- the heart beat of tourism in West Africa and a small drink up (for tourist who arrive as a group)

Transportation in an air-conditioned coach/car
Accommodation in the best budget/2 -Star hotels in Accra, Cape Coast and Ho.  The type can be upgraded upon request.
Breakfast daily
Entry Fees:
All entry fees included in this tour package are prepaid.
Tour Guiding Services:
A trained chauffeur guide will accompany the group at all times.

$1290per person
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